When you’re looking for things to do in the Sunshine State, one of the best places to visit is Jacksonville. There is no city in Florida with a larger population. River City is home to so many major attractions, and you’re going to find out just what all there is to do there. Take note of these five interesting places to visit as you head to Jacksonville FL.

The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is #3 on the list according to one of the best travel sites. It’s all about education through gardening and the arts. The name of the place stems from the location being where Arthur and Nina Cummer used to live. As you can tell, there is some history to be studied. The museum was founded in 1961, and it is located at 829 Riverside Avenue. It is considered to be a jewel of Jacksonville.

The Riverside and Avondale Historic District is another place that people love to visit when in the River City. Find the corner of Seminole Road and Belvedere Avenue, and take a nice nature walk through the shaded forest. The area is beautiful, and you are right on the river. If you ask me, it sounds like a lovely spot to plan a family picnic. There are also restaurants and ice cream shops nearby according to reviews.

I have discussed a place that will put you on the river, but what about the ocean? It’s also time to hit up Atlantic Beach, which is said to be not very crowded. That’s rather ideal for a busy city like Jacksonville. Other places you visit in River City are certainly going to be crowded. Have your fun in the sun, and enjoy all kinds of activities. People love to go surfing there, and kayaking is also an enjoyable hobby that people enjoy when they visit Atlantic Beach.

The Riverside Arts Market is a place you will enjoy as well. Get your fresh produce, baked goods, and of course check out the arts and crafts. Jacksonville is a pretty artsy city, don’t you think? You’re going to love checking out The Riverside Arts Market.

In fact, you’re going to love checking out the entire city. You’re going to enjoy wonderful adventures that you just can’t have anywhere else. That’s the great thing about picking out a new city to explore. Plan to have an outstanding time as you travel around the grand city of Jacksonville FL.